An Epic Fail Date Story

Having coworkers ten years my junior can be fun too. Well, just forget how old am I right now, but these kids are just hilarious. Every day I heard them fighting. Sometimes over small things. Sometimes they are mocking each other’s boyfriend and hugging five minutes later. I cannot call that immaturity, but they are really kids.

Once upon a time one of them asking me about my long distance relationship, how can I afford the yearnings, and how can I afford visiting each other (my boyfriend and I, I mean) only twice a year. And of course, that ultimate question of “How I met my boyfriend.”

For those who didn’t know, I met my boyfie on okcupid. Of all those creepy stories about finding partners online, I am the one who has success story and so proud of it.

But that’s another story. Back to this coworker, one of them adopts what she called American style relationship. It’s not common though, to actually being sexually active and proudly admitting it. And she, wants to know how my relationship is going. But then, I turn the story into this funny experience of my youth. (my youth is like 7-8 years ago, by the way)

And this is the story that has my relationship life covered.

Once upon a time, just as other girls in their twenties, I liked to go on party and socialize. I made friends with some cool kids and we used to go for drinks and karaoke at least once a week. I’m not proud with my past either. Oh well, so one day, I have a friend that will leave Jakarta and go back to where her company headquarter is. Somewhere in London. And she invited for a party.

One day before, a cute college junior texted me and asked if I could have dinner with him. Then here goes my doubts. Should I go with my junior and see if probably we can had something (since I knew he had been a catch, for years). Or, should I got to the party because this is the last day my friend will be in Jakarta.

And sure, of course, you can guess, I choose the date. I’m also not proud of this decision, but I was shallow, only thinking I should find love as soon as possible. Hahaha…

So I said yes.

And there he went.

“Let’s meet at that mosque, we can go for a weekly praying session first before we can have dinner.”

And I just like… “whaa…”

(What kind a date is a date in the mosque where you cannot even see where your date is and it is not taaruf.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this cute guy is religious.

Then I was thinking again. And again… and again.

Ok. Let’s go to the mosque. Though I wasn’t religious at all. But, ok. OK.

So yeah, I was there, following everything, and then we met 1.5 hours after.

We went to the mall, had some dinner, talked about things, and then I gave him a ride home.

Well, that was not a kind of date that I wanted. My concept of date is romantic dinner, a talk in the park, a movie night, or a simple trip to the museum, And though I am a muslim, I never thought about start a date from a mosque, I felt like a pretentious hipster. And this guy, oh well, he just cannot talk my talk. I just cannot talk his talk. We didn’t meet each other’s need.

The date, was ok. The food was ok. But the chemistry is off. To be honest, well, he wasn’t the one I like. Probably, I was enchanted with his cute look, and such, but then later on, he wasn’t the one.

So the date was never continued. That was the last time I saw him. Few years later he inboxed me a wedding invitation but I couldn’t come. I think I saw him last year somewhere south of Jakarta, but he didn’t recognize me and that’s ok.

Moral of the story is…

Pretty face don’t matter that much. Really.

If the chemistry wasn’t there, you would never make it up.

And until now I am still sorry that I miss the party.

Life is funny right?

What you want and wish for, don’t always the thing you get. And what you finally get, is really what you need. Like my boyfriend. ^^

And about those coworkers. They are still noisy as they used to be. And I love them.

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